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Join The Party, Join Life’s Passion

Source:SunFlowEditor:SunFlowHits:Posted:2015-01-19 14:21:00

                                Join The Party, Join Life’s Passion

      As Alibaba’s old partner, we have spent  6 years with him, and yesterday Sunawning team
was invited as a friend to a party in Xiaoshan, with alibaba and other friends.


    From Friday, we three people arrived there in the afternoon, after a short lunch, we started a
big share as expected, seven companies ‘elite has a wonderful speech, about their products,
company site and how to do on alibaba site,they cared and loved this platform very much just like
us, because it really bring us a lot, so we searched its change and benefit everyday,hope to
express all of our awning products to the world and want friends globally and wholesale to know
that we are not only a retractable awning,window awning manufacturer,but also the best partner of
your sunshine life.


      During these two days, we learned more and also joined alibaba’s night Hi show party,to see
how crazy their people in working and life, really hope to be like them, full of power everyday and
every minute.